Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Wildwoods Open Space in the rain

The Mission of Earthwise Institute is to assist in the awakening of humanity to the interconnectedness of all Life, and providing them educational, healing and communication tools for co-creating global harmony and joy through advocacy and applied wisdom.




 Our Vision

Ishnahnay at Lake GumbootEarthwise Institute’s vision is to be a bridging force upon Earth to assist humans in remembering we are an integral part of the Kingdoms of Earth and to take responsibility for our ability to create and destroy with such force that embracing our role as Divine Stewards of the Earth and her kingdoms of nature through peace, love, respect and gratitude is of paramount importance.

The kingdoms of nature and Earth herself were given to us by the Divine as friends and for us to steward in loving kindness.  It is time that we remembered this.  It is time for us to be wisdom in action once again.  Earthwise Institute is here to be a way shower for the masses to return back home to Divine Stewardship.

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