February 2nd Agnes Creek Trail Nature Interpretation Walk

Agnes Creek Open Space – February 2nd, 1pm

Hello, I am Kathryn Shanti Ariel, also known as The Nature Whisperer. I have spent my life exploring and learning from nature for personal enjoyment and professional attainment. The combination of natural and environmental science, outdoor education, holistic healing training and spiritual awareness of nature, gives me a great treasure chest of nature’s wisdom which I truly enjoy sharing with others.

My sharing comes in the forms of photography, writing and nature walks & workshops. It is with great delight that I am now offering outdoor education and nature interpretation walks through our Parks and Recreation. I am also offering more extensive workshops through my not-for-profit, Earthwise Institute.


Agnes Creek: What to Expect on Our Walk

February 2nd our walk will be at Agnes Creek Open Space. No matter the season, nature offers an array of wisdom to be gained and that easily enhance our lives and our relationship with nature and Earth herself.  Agnes Creek is the newest of the Lincoln City Open Spaces to be acquired and opened to the public. There are three individual trails to explore. One circular, the other two are out and backs at this time. Due to these areas being recently cleared of forest litter, the undergrowth is just beginning to return; to regrow. So visiting this area is an opportunity to enjoy and encourage this amazing restoration process.

Address & Directions: 839 SE Bard Road. Bard is south off 101 south of the Outlet Malls.

Parking:  There are two parts to Agnes Creek Open Space, North and South. Each has its own parking lot and trailhead, but they are a stone’s throw apart, and there is a connecting trail. It’s easier to park at the north trailhead since it doesn’t have a steep driveway like the south. So we will park & meet at the northwest parking lot.  If it is full, then please park at the south one and walk up to meet us. 

Restrooms: There are no restrooms at Agnes Creek.  The closest ones are at Canyon Drive Park off 11th Dr, eight short blocks north.  Canyon Drive Park also has a beach access.

On this walk, my goals for everyone include assisting participants to:

• Become familiar with both the physical elements of this group of trails and also the spiritual energies or essence of the trees, plants and all that live there.
• Recognize local edible and medicinal plants. There are so many medicinal and edible plants that are willing to grow in our neighborhoods and gardens, if we recognize and accept them in. Recognition is one of the first steps. (Note: it is early in the season, so there are only a few of these types of plants out and about already)
• Observe their habitats so that you can better grow them in your own yard and neighborhoods.

• Observe and better understand the nature elements and how they interact. Air, water, earth and fire, all have a consciousness of their own. When we learn to listen to them we can gain great knowing of how to walk more gently and harmoniously.
• Gain observation and awareness skills using all of your senses. Nature communicates on many levels.
• Learn more about the diversity of our ecosystems, how to improve them (naturally) and how to cohabitate respectfully and harmoniously with all of nature.

Questions? Contact Kathryn at thenaturewhisperer33@gmail.com or 503-504-16148 (no texting please. This is NOT a cell phone) 🙂


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