Earthwise Institute’s Earth Stewardship Program Overview

Bridging Science and Spirituality Overview

Upper Multnomah Falls with rain (water) bow

What truly is the difference between science and spirituality? When we look beneath the surface through our hearts into the deeper conversation of Creation, the answer is that they are one in the same.  Whether you are looking through a microscope, a telescope or staring into the eyes of another creature, you are seeing Spirit in form.  Spirit is the consciousness within each and every form, no matter how large or how small.  It is Spirit that is the God Consciousness, the Genius, the Light and the Love that is the basis of all of Life. 

Through the ages fields of science have been developed and in most cases the studies have focused strictly on the 3rd dimensional physical body, setting it apart from the mind, feeling and spirit that make up the entire Being. Seeing Life as just physical things to be manipulated and used has resulted in great abuses against Earth (Gaia) and all of her creatures, and of our whole beings that are also made of a combination of spirit, mind, feelings and physical form.

However, when we drop the illusion that life is just about a physical presence on a physical non-living planet and embrace our True Divine Nature which is Spirit in form, then the door opens wide for the renewal of our grand relationship of interconnection.  This interconnection, when embraced through Divine Love in turn opens us to the opportunity of becoming wondrous Earth Stewards and Guardians.  Stewards that consciously speak with Gaia and all Life, gaining and applying understanding of how to create harmony within ourselves and between all Life; harmony and a state of thriving, for one and all.

At Earthwise Institute, we know this is the way Creator truly intends life to be here on Earth, living Life in Joy, Love, thriving for one and all.  I understand that Angels and Elementals are the scientists of God.  The Light (ideas) of a creation are given (along with a Divine Plan or Blueprint) and the Angels & Elementals weave the Light into form through Divine Love.  You might look at what seems to be a complex of Universes and say “how can something so complex be presented in such a simple way?”

Yet, the study of Life reveals a set amount of patterns that are placed together in a multitude of ways creating all that we see and know. It is Love that is the glue that holds them together. Divine Light is the (idea/mind), and Divine Love (form/heart) is what gives it form.  When we understand and embrace that everything in form has consciousness and responds to energy be it fear, anger, contempt or peace, respect or Love, then the door opens for us to have a conscious conversation of creation, of healing, of partnership with everyone and everything.

When science embodies these truths, it then becomes spirituality and the basis of Conscious Earth Stewardship is born.  All Earthwise Institute programs are based on the science of spirituality and the knowing that we are all One with Life.

One of the primary steps of being an Earth Steward is to embrace a life of harmony – living harmlessly.  Thus Earthwise Institute’s underlying focus is the Restoring of Divine Harmony.  We invite you to follow our website and join our programs as they are developed and made available to the public.

~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel, Earthwise Institute Founder 

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