Building Homes and Communities In Harmony with Mother Earth

….Part of our role as Earth’s Stewards

  dove of peace with earth


Written in August 2007 – After Hurricane Katrina

 Once again humans and their animals are experiencing the affects of building communities in flood plain areas. A large portion of the Ohio basin is currently under water experiencing a “major disaster” brought on by heavy rains, which have caused Ohio’s rivers to overflow their banks into the surrounding communities. This is only a “disaster”, because we (humans) have continuously ignored the requirements of the earth to feed herself and her natural communities through flooding, fires, and other “natural disasters”, building our communities wherever we have desired with no heed to the long-term affects that might result. My question is, are we ready to listen to what the earth has always been telling us? Are we ready to build our communities in alignment with her ebb and flow, allowing harmony and prosperity to exist between Mother Earth, the nature realms, and humanity?

For years I (and many others) have watched as our human communities in the United States have moved into river valleys, high fire areas and other natural communities that are continuously in the state of change. We have dammed up the rivers, eliminating earth’s ability to perform regular flooding that brings much-needed nutrients into the soils. These nutrients are for the benefit of all life, and their elimination has been sorely noticed over the years. Soils have become depleted, and riparian habitat, some of the most diversely populated upon the earth, has become in endangered.

Then to top it off when earth and her weather systems do create enough rain to topple over the constraints that humans have placed in their way, we call it a disaster because of the adverse affects the people in the areas affected experience. What is wrong with this picture? Mother Earth has always provided clear signs, a road map, for those who live upon her to follow in creating community. Many ancient cultures around the world including American Indians observed these signs and honored the flow of the earth, understanding that she is providing for us all.

Many of these regions, such as the Ohio basin, were populated by humanity because of their rich soils and other resources. Then “we” promptly dammed up the very source of that richness, surrounding these rivers with homes and industry. On a recent visit through Ohio and Indiana I had the eye-opening experience to see that the Ohio River is still be polluted by industry and other sources; polluted to the point of it being unfit to swim in. Now, like the Thames River in England, which massively overflowed its banks just weeks ago, this pollution is spreading to house and home across the land.

Could it be that Mother Earth is not only saying it is time for her to cleanse her own body, but that she is also saying it is time for you (humanity) to reckon with the huge imbalances and unwellness that we as humans have created upon her body? All of the elements (air, water, fire, metal and earth) and their relationships with the earth are designed work in divine harmony and flow with one another. Humans, as part of the global family of earth are being rather boldly reminded of major imbalances we have created through our desire to do things our way, despite the consequences.

Mother Earth is a schoolhouse; a living library where we come to try out different scenarios and learn from the consequences. However, now Mother Earth’s divine mission has been endangered and Divine Will is being reestablished upon her to ensure that she is allowed to fulfill her destiny. We as part of her global family have major opportunities to make positive, responsible and harmonious choices that will allow her and our global community (this includes the nature realms) to live happy, healthy and prosperous lives – to thrive.

One way to ensure that this happens, and to have a great time in the process, is to remember our roles as earth stewards; caretakers of the earth and her creatures. Learning how to listen to and observe the teachings of nature and Mother Earth are of utmost importance in our success, for in order to be her steward, we must understand her, respect her and be willing to co-create harmonious life with her. This is true of all life. It is true within us as individuals and all levels of community; local and global.

We must learn to listen to the earth and ask where it is for the highest good to build, to grow food, to produce energy centers. All parts of the earth have a divine blueprint, that if followed will allow us to co-create a wondrous world for all. Earth stewardship is also called earth guardianship. It is not about management. It is about being caretakers and respecting the divine light within all beings. It is time that we learned to ask permission before digging a hole, building a house or cutting down a tree. It is time to say please and thank you to Mother Earth.

Om mani padme hum –

Kathryn Ariel

Song of the Dove Foundation/Earthwise Institute

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