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Mt Shasta at Christmas

The Mission of Earthwise Institute is to assist in the awakening humanity to the interconnectiveness of all Life, and providing them educational, healing and communication tools for co-creating global harmony and joy through advocacy and applied wisdom.

*** Earthwise Institute and our website are under currently development, however we are choosing to have our website in live status so that you can access components that are available and follow us as our programs and tranings become available to the general public.  Thank you for your patience and support.***

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Conscious Communication with Nature Blog

Contains articles and photography by Kathryn Shanti Ariel, The Nature Whisperer, discussing the wisdom of humanity's interconnection with and interdependance upon all of Life, including how to restore this relationship to harmony.

Holistic Living Blog

Orginally focusing on holistic emergency care, this blog now encompases all matters of holistic living, including plant-based living, environmental wisdom and advocacy and holistic healing and wellness.

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